Pacific Hearts Training


By: Jennifer Gottfried

Wanting to help you build a strong bond with your horse

I am a horse trainer looking for new clients as I just moved to Lithia, FL. I have been riding for over 33 years and have competed in many disciplines. I do specialize in jumpers, hunters, eventing, starting a horse from scratch. or working out some issues between horse and rider. I have been riding since I was 5 and owned my own horse since I was 10. I even went to Sweet Briar College to compete competitively in the jumper arena. I have a lot of knowledge in regards to riding and ground work. You have to build the knowledge from the ground up. An assessment will be completed if you choose to train wtih me so I know where to educate. Training can be needed at any level.

Pacific Hearts Training

Pacific Hearts Training

Some of the horses I have had over the years:

Ocean Pacific II


Yes 'n' Dee Dee

Lexington Surprise

Pacific Hearts Training

I am willing to travel to clients that want their horses worked at their own farm. Price on training would depend on how long of a lesson you desire and the travel time to and form your farm.

Traveling Training

Going down a trail with one of my horses with me as the leader. You will gain experience on how to handle a horse on a trail or to just have fun. The trail will be at Alfalfa State Park. You would meet me there for this fun adventure.

Private Single Rider Trail Rides

Training at Pacific Hearts Stables

Lesson at Pacific Hearts Stables start at $50 for half hour or $80 for one hour.

Cervantes "JB"

I currently have two horses that you can come and have lessons on. The first one is Cervantes "JB" who has done it all and is a school master. He is a Andalusian/Switch Warmblood, standing 16.3 hands. I have had JB for 13 years and know everything about him. He is a great horse to learn to jump on as he is a school master. I then have a lower level horse, Rapid City Moose, that is for the beginner or immediate rider wanting to learn to trot and canter. Moose is a quarter horse that came from a rescue, that stands 15.1 hands. He can be ridden English or Western.

Delora Butler

Rapid City Moose


I was a new rider and Jennifer helped me so much with her training. She helped me build my confidence up and the joy I get spending time with her horses is second to none. I would reccomend any level rider to get lessons through Pacific Hearts training. Jen is beyond patient and can help even the newest rider overcome any fears or opsticales.

Lisa Iles

Pacific Hearts Training

Jennifer Gottfried


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